Stardew Valley - Part 1 - Cope Stream

21. feb.. 2021
3 019 464 Ganger

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  • Please do more of these stardew valley streams Pewds, they’re so enjoyable and relaxing to watch! Especially when I need to escape reality for a while.

    SlayinsnailSlayinsnailTime siden
  • Where has part 2 disappeared to?

    Bernus BothaBernus Botha3 timer siden
    • I found it...

      Bernus BothaBernus Botha3 timer siden
  • I love how you randomly quote your own music but in your normal commentary voice XD

    YoonchiyaYoonchiya4 timer siden
  • I love pizza and hate soda so you're WRONG

    YoonchiyaYoonchiya5 timer siden
  • 4:43:00 suffering from success

    HARUKA1003HARUKA10036 timer siden
  • ive heard this is a good game so i hope pewds makes me want to pick it up!!

    David LopezDavid Lopez6 timer siden
  • please post more

    makayla xmakayla x7 timer siden
  • I’m on year 6

    urmomurmom8 timer siden
  • I hope we get more Stardew Valley streams! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    genesiscdagenesiscda8 timer siden
  • Where is part 2

    Athena 7%Athena 7%9 timer siden
  • I started playing stardew valley like a week ago after not playing for years and bruh it’s such a fun game I hope pewds meets Alex and Sebastian idk if he has yet-

    moon_ _fairy_moon_ _fairy_9 timer siden
  • I wish 1.5 released in mobile

    I eat ass Like a cupcakrI eat ass Like a cupcakr11 timer siden
  • Copious amounts of Copium

    FlameFlame11 timer siden
  • They came out with a board game you should check it out

    BenBen12 timer siden
  • 0:00 how to add starting soon? Tell me

    EDINEAR AnimatorEDINEAR Animator12 timer siden
    • No

      BurritoBurrito10 timer siden
  • Anyone seeing this comment I wish them a happy day 🥰😇☺✋

    upendo Edwardupendo Edward12 timer siden
  • An ex GF of mine called her lady parts a Jo Jo. Cracks me up hearing you say Jo Jo Mart

    Ford Prefect4d2Ford Prefect4d213 timer siden
  • Do you really make more money by monetizing Part 2 instead of just letting a million or so people watch it? :/

    VivienVivien14 timer siden
    • I kinda don't feel like finishing up part 1 knowing I can't watch part 2. Pewds wasn't like this before. And it's not even necessary he has a huge number of followers. I'm sad. And no hate. Just my opinion.

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • ME AND MY GF HAVE BEEN PLAYING stardew valley for the past week now and i just saw this video and we’re doing the river farm too ahhhh

    whatwhat14 timer siden
  • Hier ein deutscher Kommentar um die englischesprachige fanbase zu verwirren

    8e8rueu 8ey3h3i8e8rueu 8ey3h3i14 timer siden
    • nice

      90strrash90strrash8 timer siden
  • Maybe it's just me but stardew valley feels a knockoff of harvest moon

    ninalilyluluninalilylulu14 timer siden
  • Where is part 2? I started playing this game for the first time after this video.

    AlexandriaAlexandria15 timer siden
    • You have to join to watch it or sth. Like a membership thing.

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • How come the second part of this stream hasnt uploaded?

    VallieMC CVallieMC C15 timer siden
  • 2:33:49 NOOO HE MISSED

    8e8rueu 8ey3h3i8e8rueu 8ey3h3i15 timer siden
  • why has part 2 disappeared?

    Maswiyat IMaswiyat I17 timer siden
  • yo wtf where’d part 2 gone I was half way through it.

    LászlóLászló17 timer siden
    • @László right? like damn i just want to loose my 5 hours of life and i need to pay for that?

      duhovej mracekduhovej mracek16 timer siden
    • have to pay £6 a month wtf? nah fuck that g

      LászlóLászló16 timer siden
  • frick dude . its addictive to those who love rpg so much . im oneof those peeps.. goddangit

    Anti ClimaxAnti Climax17 timer siden
  • Yo what happened to part 2

    Zach HerbonZach Herbon18 timer siden
  • So when is your next stream for part 3? I'm actually thinking of joining your channel on your next stream. I'm playing SV again for the third or fourth time? since I saw your first stream of the game. I'm on my first winter of the game now. It's fun watching you playing the game and trying to romance Shane :). He's really an interesting character. Also I want to give you useful tips about the game. It honestly kinda pissed me off seeing people suggesting you wrong stuff. not even sure or even googling first about what they're going to say.

    KaisHeLKaisHeL20 timer siden
  • Bring back Part 2, pleaase!

    nilleftwnilleftw20 timer siden
    • 👏👏👏

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • Edgar must hate Sven

    ArmandArmand20 timer siden
  • Wait, WHERE IS PART 2 ?! i watched it yesterday and now it's gone

    dewi vgdewi vg22 timer siden
  • Wheres Harvey????

    lost soullost soul22 timer siden
  • Please support me❤️

    VicAriDyaVicAriDya23 timer siden
  • Pewdiepie: never trust a man with a mustache Also pewdiepie: had a mustache

    EdDeadRedEdDeadRed23 timer siden
  • Petition for Pewds to start playing horror games again.

    TinTraxImoTinTraxImo23 timer siden
  • Who’s gonna tell him that he gave himself earrings?

    mathilde mykløymathilde mykløy23 timer siden
  • Respect from pakistan take a look at my channel

    DaGuru Gamerz000DaGuru Gamerz00023 timer siden
  • Stream starts at 4:50

    Alexstoned 420Alexstoned 420Dag siden
  • More stardew valley feellliiixxxx 🐍🐍

    Amel FormellaAmel FormellaDag siden
  • wait i swear he uploaded a part 2, where did it go??

    Levi BeseltLevi BeseltDag siden
    • I’m wondering the same thing wtf

      Trevor ChurchTrevor Church23 timer siden
  • So whats the deal streaming part 2 but making it exclusive for members?

    yourtimeyourtimeDag siden
    • i'm a member but can't find it )):

      Bridget BaberBridget Baber2 timer siden
    • it's nottt i am a member but i still can't see the live stream

      90strrash90strrash8 timer siden
    • I have no idea. 😣

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • I hope he comes back to this game

    BladeZ ReVenGeBladeZ ReVenGeDag siden
  • where is part 2?

    duhovej mracekduhovej mracekDag siden
  • 5:08:02 “mission failed, we’ll get em next time” hahaha 😂😂😂 I was dying

    Elio EsquedaElio EsquedaDag siden
  • what happened to part 2?

    elieliDag siden
    • @Cadence H. i am a member and don't have access to it ))::

      Bridget BaberBridget Baber2 timer siden
    • You have to be a member to watch it

      Cadence H.Cadence H.14 timer siden
  • What is this 1980s 🤣

    Kevinur TVKevinur TVDag siden
  • Everyone talkin about Stardew Valley when the Starting Soon screen has me hypnotized

    Michael PhanMichael PhanDag siden
  • What happened to the second stream???

    Kayla SchexnyderKayla SchexnyderDag siden
  • everything about stardew valley is perfect. The music, writing.. Everything. It's an escape really. It's a comfort game. 💚

    highdiyakhighdiyakDag siden
  • Never trust a man with a moustache as you have one 😆

    Kristina Patterson VlogsKristina Patterson VlogsDag siden
  • Why are reading this comment?

    beebeeDag siden
  • Yay! I'm glad you played Stardew Valley. One of my favorite games right now. It seems kind of underrated, so I'm glad you noticed it!

    INeed MyHoodieINeed MyHoodieDag siden
  • I cant find the part 2 stream

    Gio Patrick PanuntanGio Patrick PanuntanDag siden
    • @Weronika yap, just right

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
    • It’s just for members rn I think

      WeronikaWeronika22 timer siden
  • what happened to part 2? please upload it, I want to watch it even if it is just a replay.

    Januard Palejo - 3D TutorialsJanuard Palejo - 3D TutorialsDag siden
    • I think it got deleted or removed by youtube because I saw the replay come up earlier but now it's not.

      Master ShootersMaster ShootersDag siden
  • Wtfffff i was waiting all day at work to watch part 2. Am I tripping or weren't you streaming earlier? 🥺

    Enola CandelariaEnola CandelariaDag siden
    • @Cadence H. I'm a member but i don't see the vid anyway

      90strrash90strrash8 timer siden
    • It's on members on the mode right now, I was halfway through when I couldn't watch it anymore. The time zones are all messed up so I can never get to the streams in time :((

      Cadence H.Cadence H.14 timer siden
  • I am sorry to see I cannot watch your part 2 ~ not everyone can afford to pay ~ :( you can at least post it at a later date for those who cannot pay~ it really helps me a LOT to watch these because I have anxiety/depression and right now going through a very stressful time~

    Reina MathenyReina MathenyDag siden
    • @Matthew Pace probably being a member

      Widmarie Cordero OrtizWidmarie Cordero OrtizDag siden
    • Why do you have to pay?

      Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
  • Can someone please tell me how I can watch the latest stream??

    Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
    • @Ana Silva i still cannot see the live as a member

      90strrash90strrash8 timer siden
    • Join the channel to be a member I guess.

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • Give us the part 2 pls

    Олег ВовкОлег ВовкDag siden
    • 👏👏👏

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • am i not able to see the second stream from today because i’m not a member? :/

    Delaney KayDelaney KayDag siden
    • @Matthew Pace i don’t know :/ i think it’s because i don’t have the membership, and i’m not sure. i thought it would be uploaded immediately but maybe i’m wrong. do you have a membership, and if so, are you able to see it? or if you don’t have a membership, are you able to see it?

      Delaney KayDelaney KayDag siden
    • Will he upload it for people who can’t buy the membership ?

      Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
    • Why can’t u watch it ?

      Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
    • @Matthew Pace i can watch it while it’s live, and i am able to see the first stardew valley stream he did, but i can’t watch the second one he did today

      Delaney KayDelaney KayDag siden
    • Do u have to be a member to watch the video of the stream?

      Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
  • Why second part isn't showing anymore? Couldn't watch it live wishing to watch it later and now I really need something to cope

    KaszalotKaszalotDag siden
    • @Fortune Finders why ??

      Matthew PaceMatthew Pace2 timer siden
    • You have to be a member to watch it

      Fortune FindersFortune Finders5 timer siden
    • Why isn’t the second vid showing I’ve been waiting all week

      Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
    • Maaan I know! I watched half of it live then had to leave. Been waiting all day to watch the rest. Finally in bed with a bowl of chips specially for it and it's gone. I'm so sad right now.

      Didrik BeukelmanDidrik BeukelmanDag siden
  • What happened to the stream he did today??

    JiminJiminDag siden
  • Where is his 2nd stardew valley stream. I saw it on my NOworld recommendations and wanted to watch it later once I was done with homework but when I came back it wasn't therr

    Nimal PereraNimal PereraDag siden
    • You can't watch it anymore unless you're a member

      Cadence H.Cadence H.14 timer siden
    • @Matthew Pace I wanted to see how far has pewds made in the game. I hope he does more cause they're is so much you can do in the game and I don't think he has even done 5% of it

      Nimal PereraNimal PereraDag siden
    • Same it disappeared off NOworld for me as well

      Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
  • what happened to part 2? swear it was uploaded, did he delete the video?

    Patrik TurkaljPatrik TurkaljDag siden
  • Where’s the latest stream??

    Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
    • You have to be a member to watch it now

      Fortune FindersFortune Finders5 timer siden
  • Where's today's stardew gone??

    Jane ButlerJane ButlerDag siden
  • why isn't his last live uploaded

    Lærke EngbergLærke EngbergDag siden
    • It is, you have to be a member to watch it

      Fortune FindersFortune Finders5 timer siden
  • This stream helps me with my anxiety

    Ahmad BsharaAhmad BsharaDag siden
  • Please post the new stream 🥺🥺

    Kerra HinrichsKerra HinrichsDag siden
    • 👏👏👏

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • What happened to part 2 I wasn't finished watching it and it's gone

    Joey XDJoey XDDag siden
    • You have to be a member to watch it now

      Fortune FindersFortune Finders5 timer siden
    • same :,(

      KirahKirahDag siden
    • same

      90strrash90strrashDag siden
    • Same :(

      KaitlynKaitlynDag siden
    • Same train?

      Master ShootersMaster ShootersDag siden
  • Paywalling new parts sucks. Such absurd monetization is disappointing. Guess pewds turned into corporation

    Cute NicknameCute NicknameDag siden
    • y'all are attacking him without even knowing that it's not even up for us members either

      90strrash90strrash8 timer siden
    • I hope he frees it up in the next few days or it will be just sad. There is a lot of people that can't afford a monthly membership these days and wasn't his videos suppose to be for fun and to make people smile back in the days? I hope he didn't lose sight of what is really important. Even if the money goes to charity still sad he locking it away.

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
    • I completely agree it seems like he can't get video sponcer for the streams so he hides them behind a pay wall to get profit from them :(

      Vanessa FrisonVanessa FrisonDag siden
    • Well even if that's true all profit goes to charity and still probably uploaded in a few days. Bit sad still, I can't even afford tier 1

      Didrik BeukelmanDidrik BeukelmanDag siden
    • Is that what happened to part 2?? I was confused when I first saw it and then it was gone

      KaylasKaylasDag siden
  • Where's part 2? Taking a break from playing and was gonna watch part 2...

    owo owoowo owoDag siden
    • same

      nelly chitsungenelly chitsungeDag siden
    • Same :/

      ArcadianArcadianDag siden
  • Your farm looks terrible! Lol

    alice glass-Ramosalice glass-RamosDag siden
    • @Ana Silva I cant figure out how to upload my farm. it's amazing 😂

      alice glass-Ramosalice glass-RamosTime siden
    • My farm looks the same and I'm on year 4 😅😅 I never seem to be able to have a pretty neat farm like everyone else.

      Ana SilvaAna Silva10 timer siden
  • “Never trust someone with long hair” “Never trust a man with a mustache” Well just imagine me as Harvey with Elliott’s hair 👁👄👁

    emotionalembryoemotionalembryoDag siden
  • 03/09/2021

    Free DeathFree DeathDag siden
  • Shane was my first choice but i ended up Sebastian. Shane likes pizza and beer.

    Niks LlegadoNiks LlegadoDag siden
  • the stream starts at 5:00 gameplay starts at 9:08

    Caleb BordenCaleb BordenDag siden
  • The fact i started using stardew valley as a coping mechanism a month ago

    Sofia AriasSofia AriasDag siden
  • 12:14 you're welcome

    AragornAragornDag siden
  • 4:39:57 Pewd's Dilemma to Store Fished Treasure items in his filled up inventory Starts 🤪🎣

    Alex Mercer GamingAlex Mercer GamingDag siden
  • Wow this game seems so relaxing and calming! The type of game you pay when you get home from a long days work! Thanks for showing us

    MurcianWolf GamingMurcianWolf GamingDag siden

    BreannaBreannaDag siden
  • Elliot: It's a pleasure to meet you! Pewdiepie: *Fuck off Elliot, I don't like you Elliot!*

    NNDag siden
  • finally this game is getting the recognition it deserves :(

    Sailor SwiftSailor SwiftDag siden
  • how is this stream both so chill and not boring at all? usually chill streams makes me sleepy af

    Gery OctavansyahGery OctavansyahDag siden
  • How is he so good at fishing i can never get any fish goDDDwifhwond

    WAHluigi wahWAHluigi wahDag siden
  • I played the game before but some virus deleted it :(

    AnoyxLAnoyxLDag siden
  • Pewds if you click the letter "E" in the main menu you will get an easter egg.

    Az-MeerAz-MeerDag siden
  • I bet Pewdiepie will not plant a melon in his farm😂

    Az-MeerAz-MeerDag siden
  • Finally pewdiepie play stardew

    i don't knowi don't knowDag siden
  • Loooooooooooooonnnnnnnng

    Snow ChickenSnow ChickenDag siden
  • @PewDiePie did you really think WeTube will let you get the upper hand? You need to stand up

    EdgarEdgarDag siden
  • Pewdiepie is playing baby games lol startew valley is not high graphics

    Rihan GamingRihan GamingDag siden

    Isabelle SapanlayIsabelle SapanlayDag siden
  • im buying it imma play that game

    S. G.S. G.Dag siden
  • Reached 5th year. Got married to Elliot, renovated the house, finished all mining levels,got all the artifacts... best life I'll never really have. 😅

    Mariel Angela VelasquezMariel Angela VelasquezDag siden
  • When’s the next episode ??

    Matthew PaceMatthew PaceDag siden
  • Im glad pewds played stardew valley

    Romano GaelaRomano GaelaDag siden
  • The way he doesn’t organize his stuff gives sm anxiety fhdidkdk

    Daisy SDaisy SDag siden
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    Денис ГулевськийДенис ГулевськийDag siden
    • how the fuck is ur content in any way similar to pewds'?

      90strrash90strrashDag siden