Rescuing Villagers in Minecraft - Minecraft Hardcore #9

24. jan.. 2021
4 098 872 Ganger

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  • What’s the texture pack again?

    Garrett HenryGarrett Henry2 dager siden
  • Pewds: joergen! Subtitle: your again

    Golden BOIGolden BOI2 dager siden
  • Water sheep 2.0

    Carmen EguireunCarmen Eguireun2 dager siden
  • Out of all the villagers he picks the most useless one first

    Ochoa great wall of MexicoOchoa great wall of Mexico2 dager siden
  • nooooo mannnn, pobre chiquita bonita

    Josue CifuentesJosue Cifuentes3 dager siden
  • Don't get the green shirts! They're the village idiots!!!!

    casey chamberscasey chambers3 dager siden

    Kaylee OxnerKaylee Oxner3 dager siden
  • 11:10- hmmmmmm

    Lanny the GreatLanny the Great3 dager siden
  • Please, Minecraft we want horse cart Kidnapped villagers, I mean rescuing the villagers is difficult

    125new 125125new 1253 dager siden
  • Pewds to a horse: “we’re fricking tonight” Pewds to a sheep: “I will f*ck you” I guess Beastars really did change you...

    NandoNando3 dager siden
  • 16:36 sheep: it’s modern Pewds: hits sheep with bed

    Diamond.Armour.08Diamond.Armour.084 dager siden
  • 9:34 Is he not gonna acknowledge how that dolphin launched into the stratosphere 🤨

    Kyle EsslingerKyle Esslinger4 dager siden
  • You do know that "Chiquita bonita" means pretty girl, right?

    Augusto PalmeroAugusto Palmero4 dager siden
  • I be in my girls ear like: 16:17

    Spars SoundsSpars Sounds4 dager siden
  • 16:22 why does it say day 9

    Mukesh BalasubramanianMukesh Balasubramanian4 dager siden
  • did anyone else see that dolphin just YEET itself out of the water??? lmaooo 9:31

    colaramma bookcolaramma book5 dager siden
  • Are you going to finish Doom 3

    Nathan QuimbyNathan Quimby5 dager siden
  • Angry Swedish man raids village, kidnaps villagers in boats and forces them into a frick chamber

    Talkative Yellow ToadTalkative Yellow Toad5 dager siden
  • beastars, *hmm*

    tofu_theilertofu_theiler6 dager siden
  • "Why can't I sleep with my horse?" "Kamasutra intensifies"

  • Pewdiepie: I’ve been watching beastars on Netflix Furries: 0:

    Furry TrashFurry Trash6 dager siden
  • 6:37 Why does it say he's on day 4? Am I missing something obvious here and I'm stupid?

    nicotine_potatonicotine_potato6 dager siden
  • Sive, that skyrim edit sent me 😂👌

    TelluricDeepDownTelluricDeepDown7 dager siden
  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that when he was rowing in that one villager a dolphin flew right of the water into the air.

    Katie MilerKatie Miler7 dager siden
  • Do a video showing all your tattos and what would you like to do more (comment 40) (right Rescuing "wink wink")

    Just DjJust Dj7 dager siden
  • ktos polska?

    Lamołoś143Lamołoś1437 dager siden

    Mickey BabyMickey Baby8 dager siden
  • bruh

    Lukas ReimerLukas Reimer8 dager siden
  • Hey my kids just made a channel can you guys help out with a Sub, Thanks ;)

    SMASHSMASH8 dager siden
  • You are a professional you have editors and everything just get rid of the box were your face cam would normally go like come on man.

    Shawn SmithShawn Smith8 dager siden
  • I was today years old when I learned that fricking villagers together with potatoes makes babies😂😂

    Colleen AdamsColleen Adams9 dager siden
  • What shader does pewds use?

    Masahiro SakuraiMasahiro Sakurai9 dager siden
  • 2:25 why cant i sleep with my horse lmao

    llamallama9 dager siden
  • he kidnapped a nittttttttwwwwwwiiiiiittttt

    uchka uchraluchka uchral9 dager siden
  • I want you beating mr beast

  • Woah... that fist, though. 😅

    Hezekiah RodriguezHezekiah Rodriguez11 dager siden
  • 18:51 - Who is that supposed to be? 🤔

    Hezekiah RodriguezHezekiah Rodriguez11 dager siden
  • Poor villagers... I wish them luck. 😂

    Hezekiah RodriguezHezekiah Rodriguez11 dager siden
  • Crap... I should've seen the livestreams when I had the chance. Now I can't find them anymore! 😩

    Hezekiah RodriguezHezekiah Rodriguez11 dager siden
  • I'm looking forward to seeing who this PewDiePie guy is.

    Hezekiah RodriguezHezekiah Rodriguez11 dager siden
  • wait is there a new pfft!?

    Sydnee HarrisSydnee Harris11 dager siden
  • What’s the name of the intro music?

    Your Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean DealerYour Friendly Neighbour Hood Lean Dealer11 dager siden
  • Did Sven die

    PicoPico11 dager siden
    • No

      Hakimi- LeoHakimi- Leo10 dager siden
  • Well maybe just an idea, you know just saying MAYBE just you know make a map when you get to the village and have one of your home to get back? Just an idea.

    Dinnertunes 846Dinnertunes 84611 dager siden
  • wheres water sheep?

    Sully GamingSully Gaming11 dager siden
  • 9:35 Dolphin has taken off to a different plain

    John KearneyJohn Kearney11 dager siden
  • i am from greece and i asked for xmas pewdipie headphones but they dont have in greece the headphones and i cried a month

    Νικος ΑναγνωστοπουλοςΝικος Αναγνωστοπουλος11 dager siden
  • Chikita munita?

    GamingTimeGamingTime11 dager siden
  • Damn, imagine how good his face must look, pls face reveal 500k

    Random chicken nuggetRandom chicken nugget12 dager siden
  • the dolphin at 9:36

    lewis castledenlewis castleden12 dager siden
  • how God created me 14:14

    OhtakentOhtakent12 dager siden
  • As soon as I saw this, I knew he was eventually gonna go back to a face cam.

    Ira FinkelstonIra Finkelston12 dager siden
  • i like how his webcam overlay is just randomly chillin on this video lol

    Nicole KopchakNicole Kopchak12 dager siden
  • At the end of the series pewds did u know u can have a furnace as a mansion

    Mini TikoMini Tiko12 dager siden
  • Was this , was this colonization?? 😂

    LUNALUNA12 dager siden
  • I need to know if he is watching beastars sub or dub lmao

    isabella gwisabella gw12 dager siden
  • haha bonita/ bonito means beautiful in spanish

    Uomo UniversaleUomo Universale12 dager siden
  • Guy!His voice is so good i wonder how he looks 🥰🥰😘😘

    Mr BM Android GameplayMr BM Android Gameplay13 dager siden
  • What happened to the dolfin at 9:35

    Callum JohnstoneCallum Johnstone13 dager siden
  • 09:36 that dolphin just yeeted outta there

    KlojoostKlojoost13 dager siden
  • Nice pudidi

    Yudi ArdiyanataYudi Ardiyanata14 dager siden
  • 2:24 why cant i sleep with horse

    Markus RongvedMarkus Rongved14 dager siden
  • No cap watching pewdiepie play Minecraft has helped me learn lol

  • "I dont fuck around"😂

    M LM L14 dager siden
  • Slave owners in the 1800's be like: 14:14

    TG DarkClawTG DarkClaw15 dager siden
  • God, just the moving Minecraft Felix is so entertaining lol

    Durugy AndreaDurugy Andrea15 dager siden
  • 9:02 chickita bounita

    c3m 0nurc3m 0nur15 dager siden
  • 3:52 " BFFFFfffftt "

    Bimo Raden SBimo Raden S15 dager siden
  • Poor Marzia

    Giancarlo VetranoGiancarlo Vetrano15 dager siden
  • i think pewds is losing it

    minkieminkie16 dager siden
  • how does he make villagers like that? I swear I did the same thing put enough beds down. Is it because I have three villagers atm? and they won’t have a three way. Do I just need to have two alone or something

    Liam BoyceLiam Boyce16 dager siden
  • that dolphin tho 9:35

    Mr KookashiMr Kookashi16 dager siden
  • Felix gets thorns ll Also Felix: *this is so shit*

    ArmaKarmaArmaKarma16 dager siden
  • 9:36 Is it a bird, is it a plane, no its a dolphin.

    Midget13Midget1316 dager siden
  • Who else is playing Minecraft along with him?

    Drew BallDrew Ball16 dager siden
  • Pewdiepie maps are helpful

    Arjun GriffithsArjun Griffiths16 dager siden
  • Pewdiepie: Tchikita ! Tchikitabonita Jul is typing...

    Maeva GCMaeva GC17 dager siden
  • "Awww look at that little sh*t"

    Mimi the dragonMimi the dragon17 dager siden
  • 9:35 is it just me or did that dolphin *YEET* itself to China

    Thatguy PabloThatguy Pablo17 dager siden
  • How's prot 3 and thorns 2 on a chest plate bad

    Jude HillJude Hill17 dager siden
  • what is your game seed ?

    FİKRETFİKRET17 dager siden
  • What's the effect that pewds uses on his avatar to move it?

    Radu BugaiRadu Bugai17 dager siden
  • Comming to my youtube channel ~!!

    준열준열18 dager siden
  • I misss ur face

    Mr.mistakeMr.mistake18 dager siden
  • "6:31" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2575 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

    Hailey ClarkHailey Clark18 dager siden
  • How come he doesn't know Minecraft much but i already know everything about Minecraft. Im younger then him 😂

    Kiler UnknownKiler Unknown18 dager siden
  • 0:16 "I played a little in my own time" *has a fucking gigantic glass bubble in the ocean*

    Assclapper69Assclapper6918 dager siden
  • remember when people werent little bitches and pewdiepie could cuss whenever?

    GeggilishesGeggilishes18 dager siden
    • Some kids just can’t watch his channel Bc he cusses

      Eden ChiltonEden Chilton5 timer siden
    • Ye

      AdwansAdwans5 dager siden
  • 1:52 я гей?

    Eli ChannelEli Channel18 dager siden

    John MarstonJohn Marston18 dager siden
  • Felix: basically being a colonialist in Minecraft The media: nice

    TangerinaTangerina18 dager siden
  • Wtf my man really watched beastars

    hadi benshahbalhadi benshahbal18 dager siden
  • I have dogs videos. Can you look to my channel. Have a good watching. 🐶🐶🐶

    Sweet and Funny AnimalsSweet and Funny Animals18 dager siden
  • Felix, pewdiepie makes better content

    Eddie OstapenkoEddie Ostapenko19 dager siden
  • Shoketa bounita

    Hustle HuskieHustle Huskie19 dager siden
  • “Jorgan we’re gonna frick tonight

    Hustle HuskieHustle Huskie19 dager siden
  • Did anyone else see the fish fly at 9:36 or was it just me?

    Hairy TacoPantsHairy TacoPants19 dager siden
  • F3 isn't cheating

    Josh BlancharxJosh Blancharx19 dager siden
  • imagine kidnapping the nitwit of the village

    SlimeManSlimeMan19 dager siden
  • did anyone see the doliphin fly away at 9:35

    Odin SimicOdin Simic19 dager siden