Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...

18. feb.. 2021
5 659 490 Ganger

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  • 10:50 this is like so not funny. You’re an adult go do something else than make fun of a bunch high schoolers. I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it better than they have sooooo

    Djesminnn S.Djesminnn S.9 minutter siden
  • The wannabe marine biologist has to be home schooled

    poes lekkerpoes lekker11 minutter siden
  • i'd literally vote jordyn off for being annoying,, she said nO oNe'S goInG to geT hUrT then pulled that shit

    Roba GoreishiRoba Goreishi33 minutter siden
  • wow

    Harrison MatthewsHarrison Matthews36 minutter siden
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  • If anyone is windering why Felix is being nice to overalls kid: I'm sure that Felix hated overalls kid as much as you do until he thought "I have a fan base of 100+ million subrscribers, who I probably need to de-escalate right about now. Due to the subatomic power inbalance, I could ruin her life if I make one little slip on my words" Most celebrities/NOworldrs don't have the forethought to consider the consequences of their actions *and it's a fresh breath of fucking air when they do*

    Ash GulewiczAsh GulewiczTime siden
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  • 17:36 girl being toxic

    Samuel The greatSamuel The greatTime siden
  • Ğ

    umdu ama vloger olanumdu ama vloger olanTime siden
  • These the kids chosen to represent us lol...

    savvybeatssavvybeatsTime siden
  • school buses won’t go to my house because i live too close, so instead i walk for 30 min

    AnteikusCoffeeAnteikusCoffee2 timer siden
  • Basically what I heard: "You are disrespecting a future marine"...biologist

    Joey SJoey S2 timer siden
  • *At the beginning I was assuming the overalls kid was gonna be the nicest. I know now that I was wrong.*

    Ash GulewiczAsh Gulewicz2 timer siden
  • im actually budhist and im cringing " Im BUdHIst So i dO tHIs 10 TiMEs a Day" man stfu we dont

    KenDoesThingsKenDoesThings2 timer siden
  • lmao the highschoolers here are all privileged enough cause if you think about it.... if the highschooler actually needed the money they'd be working during that shoot... instead of gambling whether they'd get 1k

    KenDoesThingsKenDoesThings2 timer siden
  • I can confirm that Ubers are in the mountains

    taylor holyfieldtaylor holyfield2 timer siden
  • Little do they know lol 😂

    MR appleseedsMR appleseeds2 timer siden
  • When highschoolers are more mature than the adults... smh

    NotsoshyannaNotsoshyanna2 timer siden
  • Uf

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy Typhlosion2 timer siden
  • Nina Nina NINA!!! 😂

    Belinda ChhimBelinda Chhim3 timer siden
  • Who every made this video should have pick different kids these kids r already set there would have been some kids at there schools who really need it

    PeatboxPeatbox3 timer siden
  • across the street from my local church there is one of those mini cars that says hoe on the side with an exclamation mark and large font

    Dominic PenalosaDominic Penalosa3 timer siden
  • Girl on bottom right: omg we need to not make anybody feel bad because maybe that will make people be nicer in the real world so that we can abolish straws and the turtles won't suffer anymore

    Comrade DogeComrade Doge3 timer siden
  • ken is being too biased

    leGAl aLiEnleGAl aLiEn3 timer siden
  • ok i dont wna be mean but if I were there when that girl said she was budist i would have pushed her

    BruhesonBruheson3 timer siden
  • Bahamas girl just sounds like she doesn’t know how to lose and doesn’t like when stuff doesn’t go her way 😂

    c1l0wnc1l0wn4 timer siden
  • That Buddhist girl was all for all the games when she felt like she could win. But thought it was unfair and started whining when she was loosing.

    Julia KJulia K4 timer siden
  • Kalid looks like the type of dude to die first in a horror movie

    KAYN IS BOSSKAYN IS BOSS4 timer siden
  • 9:20 No dead ass the way districts work out in america can be like that seriously. I remember there were people closer to the other highschool but were in "the district" so they had to go further to school

    TrkTrk5 timer siden
  • Rock Paper Scissors is the best solution change my mind

    Brevin BBrevin B5 timer siden
  • Just change schools also the girl: but my friends. Me don't complain about it then

    TOG_FRAGSTOG_FRAGS5 timer siden
  • Funny how these are kids going into their backstory and getting deep into their depressing life, for 1000 dollars. When you can stub your toe and MrBeast will buy you a fuckin' Ferrari 488 GTB.

    Bryce HoganBryce Hogan5 timer siden
  • That girl is so toxic like I would’ve stick to voting her out

    Raychelle_the_ bombRaychelle_the_ bomb5 timer siden
  • What happens on the couch, stays on the couch

    YayayeYayaye6 timer siden
  • What happens on the couch, stays on the couch

    YayayeYayaye6 timer siden
  • The cringe is mighty with this one.

    The Legendary WeebThe Legendary Weeb6 timer siden
  • its so sad i have to take public transportation and drunk old men try to hurt me :(((

    Pi FisherPi Fisher6 timer siden
  • Sea girl: *being a annoying bitch and bragging* Gravity: im about to ruin this whole mans career

    Mily LoftinMily Loftin6 timer siden
  • One of the kids look like Sapnap's minecrat skin

    yggdrasilyggdrasil6 timer siden
  • Guys I need a Gucci belt my Gucci pants keep falling down with any other belt so I need the 1000 dollars

    Tyler BrothersTyler Brothers6 timer siden
  • why doesn’t she get a bike

    Kimberly BKimberly B6 timer siden
  • Gotta be mean

    Miguel LopezMiguel Lopez6 timer siden
  • I just want some kid with cancer to come on here and watch the other kids try to ration why they're more deserving

    Joey RamstadJoey Ramstad7 timer siden
  • 18:54 How are they casually throwing them big words at my ego? What school they come from??

    Call meCall me7 timer siden
  • I will work my hardest not to beg anyone for money , thank you and good night.

    Mr AMr A7 timer siden
  • Why is Ken incredulous towards the girl not having a bus available when about 2 minutes earlier he was claiming the same exact thing?

    derpnerpwerpderpnerpwerp7 timer siden
  • O C E A N F A C T S

    3than4DaWin3than4DaWin7 timer siden
  • The left girl do be acting like a lowkey karen

    JustinsLastTourJustinsLastTour7 timer siden
  • These kids dont know about biking to school 45 minutes. I always had to bike 30 minutes minimum to school.

    Walter WoitWalter Woit7 timer siden
  • bruh these fake ass reasons all these mfs really want the PS5 like the rest of us

    Willemq qWillemq q8 timer siden
  • Yo I'm from The Bahamas! Unless dungaree girl was going to the outer islands, idk wtf she was planning on learning. Nothing to learn in Nassau except how to gamble.

    pinkchihuapinkchihua8 timer siden
  • What's the IG account of the girl with the black dress?? im tryna simp

    oghud_ _oghud_ _8 timer siden
  • The blonde Asian girl looks sus

    Key Killer 74Key Killer 748 timer siden
  • bruh I walk 30 mins to school everyday they have it to good XD

    AbrahamAbraham8 timer siden
  • I would like to be a ocean bitch. Everyone else: leave now.

    LEGO YodaLEGO Yoda8 timer siden
  • When I watch things like this, I have an inner feeling of rage that I can’t release. It is like a burning hot fire inside me with no way for me to extinguish. Gen-Z man..

    Max HudsonMax Hudson8 timer siden
  • Buddhist kid is a growing Karen

    bardiabardia9 timer siden
  • I do this ten times every day cause I'm Buddhist so am SOOOOOOOOOO cool *gets out* *regrets life choices*

    Jennifer GornowiczJennifer Gornowicz9 timer siden
  • The bearded man said where he went to school there weren't any buses and then said he doesn't know how the girl goes to school somewhere where the buses don't reach? 😂

    pvezeljpvezelj9 timer siden

    Jennifer GornowiczJennifer Gornowicz9 timer siden
  • ngl this kids are gay lel

    Jennifer GornowiczJennifer Gornowicz9 timer siden
  • dude i can make a thousand dollars in the amount of time they took comparing problems with eachotehr

    Chuck GamezChuck Gamez9 timer siden
  • the marine girl really said no one's gonna get upset about not having "good enough" reasons for the money and immediately proceeds to get upset for not having a good enough reason

    Mega ZordMega Zord9 timer siden
  • easy win share whit the other kid

    PudjambePudjambe9 timer siden
  • Why did they pick the most privileged kids

    eggegg9 timer siden
  • This guy pewd invites is funny atm, I like him ! :D

    YuguhtrrhYuguhtrrh9 timer siden
  • me biking 1 hour to get to school from my home.

    cruelladebilcruelladebil9 timer siden
  • 23:22 I'd rather benice to those people because they tend to be the ones to bring a gun to school after.

    WreckTheSecondWreckTheSecond9 timer siden
  • If you go to private school, there is no buses, so you have to drive. My brother was in private school for a year

    Liam O’NeillLiam O’Neill10 timer siden
  • Americans cars Swedish bus Irish tractor

    Mick CareMick Care10 timer siden
  • Pewds: i aint biking 40 mins thats horrible Me who bikes a average of 35 to 40 mins to get to a skatepark: it aint that bad

    ChurchChurch10 timer siden
  • Meanwhile I'm struggling to pay rent and I don't even know how to drive 💀

    Eli GEli G10 timer siden
  • If it was me, regardless I would've given it to the black kid without watching this because he was already given the least opportunities in America

    Eli GEli G10 timer siden
  • The OG's

    ReebsReebs10 timer siden
  • I really didn't like Ken in this. These are just kids and "roasting" them really isnt all that funny; its rather kinda sad. The video shouldnt have been made by cut in the first place

    hoedje007hoedje00710 timer siden
  • You can vote anyone but yourself. Easy

    MikeMike10 timer siden
  • A bunch of rich kids decide who gets the pocket change.

    luke 0luke 010 timer siden
  • They should’ve just played a Rock Paper Scissors tournament

    Alex RussAlex Russ10 timer siden
  • Don't forget to buy Pewdiepie Merch and get Grammarly!

  • I’ll play them in a poker tournament

    Deadpool :Deadpool :11 timer siden
  • Such a crybaby the cruise girl, damn, she is so selfish.

    feliprox1feliprox111 timer siden
  • It's not too late to abort

    xxx Drexxx Dre11 timer siden
  • 3:01 that belt was not alyx it’s some cheap tactical belt look it up

    Wasabi ninjaWasabi ninja11 timer siden
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    Hailee OctavioHailee Octavio11 timer siden
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    gesniku cotogdidgesniku cotogdid11 timer siden
  • 30:56 **whatsapp web notification sound**

    KillerDoge07KillerDoge0711 timer siden
  • 29:38 what did pewds say? the captions don't sound right

    Dire LincDire Linc11 timer siden
  • I can see the point Felix was tying to make about being nice to the eccentric people, but I tried that and they start to follow you have an uncomfortable obsession with being around you, then start ignoring your boundaries.

    hvideon1hvideon111 timer siden
  • If its 5 miles then you have no excuse for not biking. In the UK a 4 mile bike ride to school isn't rare at all. Soft Americans XD

    Ace360x .MLGAce360x .MLG11 timer siden
  • Jotaro

    Krishnan_Krishnan_12 timer siden
    • Jotaro

      Sofa KingSofa King11 timer siden
  • 6:25 idk how old you are idk highschool (i am from austria you know the forest nation with the expolding trees) and my brother is 17 and has a 10 000€ car bought it himselve cause he works

    Samuel S.Samuel S.12 timer siden
  • 20:28 i loved that part.

    DukeJanksDukeJanks12 timer siden
  • I know a guy who had an electric bicycle, and he used it to get to school. He lived maybe 40km away

    Sigve SandhaugSigve Sandhaug12 timer siden
  • Nina. NINA. NINA!

    TheStairsInMyHouseCrackALotWhenIWannaGetASnackLollTheStairsInMyHouseCrackALotWhenIWannaGetASnackLoll12 timer siden
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    Aidan FarraAidan Farra12 timer siden
  • These kids made me feel homeless

    WW12 timer siden
  • 15:15

    Arne GijbelsArne Gijbels12 timer siden
  • Classical music playing. Ken: What is this horror music?

    Carolina SilvaCarolina Silva12 timer siden

    MineralwasserMineralwasser12 timer siden
  • The marine biologist was a Karen in her early development

    Nikhil JoshiNikhil Joshi12 timer siden