Kids Are Very Dumb

10. feb.. 2021
4 201 546 Ganger

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  • Pewdie: "I hate kids" Me being a 8 yr old: *this is fine for me no bully i hate kids to*

    nutxxxnutxxx2 minutter siden
  • So, funnily enough, my mom used to tell me sort of the same thing about trees feeling pain when I grew up. So if I pulled a leaf off of a tree, my mom would pull my hair and say, "That's what the tree felt. Stop it."

    Momma JayceMomma Jayce47 minutter siden
  • hi

    Doge GangDoge Gang3 timer siden
  • 3:57 impostor in the vent what is your wisdom? you have to be 3 foot 6 to fit in a vent

    fairen artemisfairen artemis3 timer siden
  • *I may be bebe, but I HATE bebe.*

    boychildboychild4 timer siden
  • In america we walk on carpet in Russia carpet eat you

    Ravin gaminRavin gamin5 timer siden
  • my brother said if you say ice in front of a swear word it would freeze the meaning but he said it when he was like 4. also i hate how that filter kind of looks like me

    TrexmanThingTrexmanThing5 timer siden
  • Im 9 and i love pewdiepie, but he said im dumb, im not dumb like dat, i play warzone

    noob kidnoob kid6 timer siden
  • What my brain plays on repeat at school: 0:04

    Isabella Medaglia-GrindleIsabella Medaglia-Grindle7 timer siden
  • Trippie read😂😂😂

    Ethanos11Ethanos118 timer siden
  • Noob

    faisalahmed05 TMfaisalahmed05 TM10 timer siden
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  • 5:02 gotta test this when i get my own child

    zycdzycd13 timer siden
  • Hey I am a 14 year old so not a kid yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    BBB MBBB M14 timer siden
  • Felix: my cocomelon dis track is getting released this weekend NOworld: *I THINK THE F-CK NOT*

    Michael MusarraMichael Musarra16 timer siden
  • 4:21 looks like a fucking turtle.

    Some IdiotSome Idiot21 time siden
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    _ Martix_ Martix22 timer siden
  • 7:51 that baby went flying

    I AM NEDAXXI AM NEDAXX22 timer siden
  • 3:23 wait what!?

    Ava MajerczykAva MajerczykDag siden
  • I feel so uncomfortable watching Felix with the baby filter, it feels ilegal

    María RodriguezMaría RodriguezDag siden
  • So I am am kid so your saying I'm dumb IM NOT DUMB

    Perteena WeshPerteena WeshDag siden
  • Hey I'm not stupid

    red maskerplayzred maskerplayzDag siden
  • That filter is terrifying.

    Emmy NemEmmy NemDag siden
  • That's not pewdiepie he has a beard

    club penguin chefclub penguin chefDag siden
  • Wait... I am 11

    MonsterMonsterDag siden
  • I'm 8

    Gopinath ArasGopinath ArasDag siden
  • Привет

    AREL#AAREL#ADag siden
  • Lol

    saitamasaitamaDag siden
  • Who’s watching this after the coco distrack was taken down

    Thomas DoreThomas DoreDag siden
    • me

      Asteria SheriaAsteria SheriaDag siden
  • "i may be bebe,But I hate Bebe" Pewdiepie-2021

    The PokebuddyThe PokebuddyDag siden
  • At 3:27 😂+😂+😂=🤣 Q:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣?

    E SE SDag siden
    • ad came up lol

      Gopinath ArasGopinath ArasDag siden
  • pewdiepie is dumb too boy

    CJGAMER07CJGAMER07Dag siden
  • i watch this every day just for the first 17 seconds

    虞鹏举虞鹏举2 dager siden
  • Y r u sitting in dark???

    Deepak ShingeDeepak Shinge2 dager siden
  • AM A KID unsubscribe

    MikeyMikey2 dager siden
  • imitando o lubaa????

    Samih MartinezSamih Martinez2 dager siden
  • 2:06 trippie reeds hahaha

    Pyro WarpPyro Warp2 dager siden
  • 9yo general takes on all 9yo

    Firebird StarkFirebird Stark2 dager siden
  • My 5 year old nephew shoved 7 coins inside my ps3

    killin'Quarantinekillin'Quarantine2 dager siden
  • Pewds: my cocomelon diss track is finally getting released this weekend NOworld: no

    Chuu ChuuChuu Chuu2 dager siden
  • pewds:kids are dumb me:what shit do you expect of them

    sevenyard307sevenyard3072 dager siden
  • Interesting how Pewds says in this video that the Coco video is a joke yet NOworld is like "Imma pretend I didn't see that" and deletes the video for harassment

    Alexia SimõesAlexia Simões2 dager siden
    • That sucks

      Asteria SheriaAsteria SheriaDag siden
  • i turned 15 on the date were u post that video ;_; thanks thanks

    X_EmiChan _XX_EmiChan _X2 dager siden
  • If I have a kid I’m going to be straight up with them so they aren’t stupid

  • im a kib and am not dumb😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    Shayan RavanpakShayan Ravanpak2 dager siden
    • Shut it kid

      Rick AstleyRick AstleyDag siden
  • Pewds: I hate kids Also pewds: puts on a kid filter on his face😐

    Imma weebImma weeb2 dager siden
  • Pewdipie werent u a kid bruhh

    yt Nityant 16yt Nityant 162 dager siden
  • Why are so many people ageist

    Modern Midern TownModern Midern Town2 dager siden
  • 0:13 what is that weird object on the bottom left screen?

    Juanez Fernandez 0907Juanez Fernandez 09072 dager siden
  • 6:37 cover your eyes

    John Emerson MagtangobJohn Emerson Magtangob2 dager siden
  • Hi my name is Dumb what is your name

    5 Year old Kid that acts like a 20 year old5 Year old Kid that acts like a 20 year old2 dager siden
  • Doogie howser ahahahahahhaha

    John Emerson MagtangobJohn Emerson Magtangob2 dager siden
  • 3:54 me playing impostor

    Gilbert Donell ChenGilbert Donell Chen2 dager siden
  • Why do you look 12 pewds

    Gaameing TVGaameing TV3 dager siden
  • Back when water beds were a thing, my brother and I, about 4 and 5, wanted to see what was in one. We went into my parents room while they were in the living room. I convinced my brother to take a pair of scissors and pop the bed to see what was in it. Our parents didn’t notice until we came in there to tell them it had water in it

    Tiffany SandersonTiffany Sanderson3 dager siden
  • Pewdiepie help me theres cocomelon sounds in my neighborhood and i hate it please save me from this annoying sound

    Sekene-chanSekene-chan3 dager siden
  • 9:25 why is it charging like that? Is it not allowed or not enough room on the counter? Did the kid wanna play it at the table? Is it to block someone?

    Paul’s ExistencePaul’s Existence3 dager siden
  • 3:25 Almost knocked the childhood out of himself

    conza 1608conza 16083 dager siden
  • Me: **kid** Title: kids are very dum Me: ... Escoose meh?!?!?!

    ꧁Raffaela :P꧂꧁Raffaela :P꧂3 dager siden
  • Trippie reads very poetic.

    Jonavin CruzJonavin Cruz3 dager siden
  • Trippy reeed

    iTACHi 106iTACHi 1063 dager siden
  • Lier

    TheBobuxAngel GamingTheBobuxAngel Gaming3 dager siden
  • PewDie: Kids are dumb Also PewDie: Using a pro boom mic 2 inches from mouth with gain set too high, no pop filter.

    ThreepE0ThreepE03 dager siden
  • That kid was a floor gang member 😂

    FazeboojujeeFazeboojujee3 dager siden
  • the meme at 2:50 holy shit the child is already an adult, storming out the car, slamming the door and calling it a piece of shit

    big smellerbig smeller3 dager siden
  • its me peeewdpie

    Jumbo 2 TRJumbo 2 TR3 dager siden
  • yes

    marissamarissa3 dager siden
  • I used to work as a camp counselor and one day the kids were really bored. So I made up a game to find the tallest piece of grass and it turned into a full on competition. Kids were getting way too into finding the tallest piece of grass, some were stealing others grass pieces, some were crying because they kept finding small pieces. It was a mess and all because I asked a couple of them to find a couple of tall pieces of grass lmao

    Sara AmovicSara Amovic3 dager siden
  • Hi

    Gaming_MichaelGaming_Michael3 dager siden
  • Why does he look like this

    ItzJustKrisItzJustKris3 dager siden
  • It’s nether rite

    Velociraptor GVelociraptor G3 dager siden
  • Why are u dissing kids man?

    Anthony MacedaAnthony Maceda3 dager siden
  • trippie reed

    Axe ChillAxe Chill3 dager siden
  • That's why felix does not have a bb

    Belen OledanBelen Oledan3 dager siden
  • (Some kid watching) Im not 9 im 10 haha stinky

    Tom and johnTom and john3 dager siden
  • literally my 9yo brother pretending to be a superhero: 10:14 XD

    Java U18CJava U18C3 dager siden
  • Pewds filter looks like hes 12 and has a deep manly voice

    Justin Y juniorJustin Y junior3 dager siden
  • Ultimate anti loli

    Ezekiel RavenEzekiel Raven3 dager siden
  • kids are great to watch

    TISOY GIL TVTISOY GIL TV3 dager siden
  • Small head *BIG BODY*

    Ɛ.Crewmate.3Ɛ.Crewmate.34 dager siden
  • Pewdiepie gots baby fever lmao

    supra sayiansupra sayian4 dager siden
  • Hey don't judge me :(

    It's me Hala!It's me Hala!4 dager siden
  • 8:20 Getting Over It: Home Depot Edition

    Akhil MeduriAkhil Meduri4 dager siden
  • Common Sense

    Tommyinnit go brrrTommyinnit go brrr4 dager siden
  • Im still qauking in my boots from that first kid

    PinataCreeperPinataCreeper4 dager siden
  • Shut up!!

    Candace FordeCandace Forde4 dager siden
  • pp

    LukanLukan4 dager siden
  • Pewds... I M about to give up on you... I am really sorry. You have to do better man... I am really sorry bud

    Hemant AngarkarHemant Angarkar4 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard when the girl pushed the baby in the foam pit 😂

    J’zargoJ’zargo4 dager siden
  • FLOOR?

    Goodguy TyphlosionGoodguy Typhlosion4 dager siden
  • *Well, what do you think about Clementine then? Is she dumb?*

    HMK MUSICHMK MUSIC4 dager siden
  • one time i was playing with a key and a padlock and stuck the key in a goddamn outlet and the power went out and the outlet was black lol.

    Tommy BoiTommy Boi4 dager siden
  • is this a normal filter, hulllly crap, it looks real like a hollywood cgi.

    Jugger nautJugger naut4 dager siden
  • hate this!

    PANTHERPANTHER4 dager siden
  • Ok ( hehe Rick roll ) hahahhahaha

    Keyna sibiKeyna sibi4 dager siden
  • He looks like an actor I just can’t remember who

    Zerajnim EgrojZerajnim Egroj5 dager siden
  • i remember as a kid, i took my very first nerf gun and looked down the barrel to see the bullet. I wanted to observe the bullet as it flied out of the barrel, so i pulled the trigger and shot myself in the eye

    gta 546 AWESOMENESSgta 546 AWESOMENESS5 dager siden
  • you do not understand how much i despise this filter. also, why the hell that one kid got a vent in the FLOOR of his house? in the carpet too??

    rainbow snekrainbow snek5 dager siden
  • When I was little I thought during hide and go seek that if I couldn’t see the person seeking than they couldn’t see me hiding 😐😂

    Julianna SewellJulianna Sewell5 dager siden
  • Who is this guy? Sounds like Pewds

    Paul EvansPaul Evans5 dager siden