I lost my best friend... - Minecraft Hardcore #7

28. des.. 2020
5 013 029 Ganger

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  • Found this video from a "saddest anime deaths" compilation😭

    noturcatboy gamingnoturcatboy gaming10 timer siden
  • Touching 🥲 3:30

    TazzTazz14 timer siden
  • Remember when pewds said," if bfft dies its over "

    Hetansh ModhHetansh Modh17 timer siden
  • That flute part made me really sad..

    Mete KirMete Kir19 timer siden
  • Make a kelp farm for infinite fuel

    Ethen HomesEthen HomesDag siden
  • Bzz needed a hive

    LitRandomnessLitRandomnessDag siden
  • Bone meal the grass and craft a bee box

    Kodi MerciecaKodi MerciecaDag siden
  • Vi kommer sakna honom Felix er going to

    Glada LamanGlada LamanDag siden
  • The bee dying is the funniest thing ever!🤣🤣

    Renee GardnerRenee GardnerDag siden
  • No more ways to escape.... Chooses death over slavery. Dang

    Mr. PostmanMr. PostmanDag siden
  • Pbfffft didnt drown if youre really a veteran you should know bees take damage when they touch water

    johan prince ramoresjohan prince ramores2 dager siden
    • So you're talking about bees that they don't exist in 2010 while im explaining what's the meaning of veteran and why is Pewdiepie a veteran we all know bees came in minecraft since 1.15 and its 1.17 so I know that they don't exist in Alpha

      johan prince ramoresjohan prince ramores19 timer siden
    • @johan prince ramores at that time bees didn’t exists buddy.

      Ho tin SzetoHo tin Szeto20 timer siden
    • the means he has been playing minecraft for a long time if you're a fan of him you will know that he is a veteran because his first video was ten years ago and that was when its on Alpha version in 2010 and minecraft was since 2009 so he is a veteran

      johan prince ramoresjohan prince ramores21 time siden
    • Actually do you even know what this word veteran is?

      Ho tin SzetoHo tin Szeto21 time siden
  • 16:35 did he just call TNT Diamonds

    HiltonHilton2 dager siden
  • “After rain comes sun shine”

    Reynaldo QuintanillaReynaldo Quintanilla2 dager siden
  • All I see in the comment all about pbff CONLENCE😔😁🤣

  • Rest in peace

    Jeff ArchuletaJeff Archuleta2 dager siden
  • Bffft: dies in a kid pool Sven diyng in the bottom of the sea: pathetic

    Golden BOIGolden BOI2 dager siden
  • Hi bro

    Thị Thơ VũThị Thơ Vũ2 dager siden
  • Why don’t u find a Sven in this world

    Vanessa MeslaniVanessa Meslani2 dager siden
  • F 21:46 😔

    HeliamoHeliamo2 dager siden
  • Pffft's death literally reminds me of that one time when I was 8 nearly flooded my family's apartment just by flushing water out of a kid pool... *Kid pools' powers are widely underestimated-*

    Dana B oDana B o3 dager siden
  • Even things in Video games are sad

    Breezy_minecraftBreezy_minecraft3 dager siden
  • من مسلم

    James V TuckerJames V Tucker3 dager siden
  • Ugh my minecraft dog drowned in a pool. I stopped playing for a month

    Nithin SaiNithin Sai3 dager siden
  • اتحدا واحد عربي بيكم

    فانز علي شاكرفانز علي شاكر3 dager siden
  • *if you have 2 you can make a 3rd one* - pewdiepie

    Mastergame [GD]Mastergame [GD]3 dager siden
  • Poor bee rip why did he have to die bye bye its its a kid pool why why why why why why why why why he he hada home he did not have die its you are a

    Rhia CRhia C3 dager siden
  • Look how pewds laughed when he died

    Add_me_on_instagram Jaamodt45Add_me_on_instagram Jaamodt453 dager siden
    • And then tried to fake cry

      Add_me_on_instagram Jaamodt45Add_me_on_instagram Jaamodt453 dager siden
  • Plot Twist : He took wrong Pffzzbt and the real one are still okay

    Potato Mêm LỏdPotato Mêm Lỏd3 dager siden
  • bwffffffff dieed

    SchalaSchala3 dager siden
  • i dunno what to say after this thing out sadness

    SchalaSchala3 dager siden
  • Idk why people ask for full raw footage.., i actually really appreciate boring and repetitive parts edited out, and i wish other did it aswell

    Shourya of DelhiShourya of Delhi4 dager siden
  • Who is felix

    Santhamma boseSanthamma bose4 dager siden
  • Pbfttttt hated being trapped in that house thats why it always tries to escape so it literally killed itself 😭

    geovany galindogeovany galindo4 dager siden
  • the final part of the video with rtx and the music makes me remember shadow of the colosus

    juan olmedojuan olmedo4 dager siden
  • pbfffft really said to water sheep: "ill do you one better"

    RammyEverythingRammyEverything4 dager siden
  • Pewds: u can’t shoot me I’m a fish! Also pewds: *pescatarian*

    StumbledPlaysStumbledPlays4 dager siden

    DariusDarius4 dager siden
  • Honestly what does pewds expect when he makes random portals lol

    Luke JohnsonLuke Johnson5 dager siden
  • Gives me PTSD of when my minecraft dogs drowned

    Kittycat NeillKittycat Neill5 dager siden
  • Rip

    Manuel burgozManuel burgoz5 dager siden
  • Pewdiepie.... You are my favorite youtuber and have been since 2012 for a reason. Every time I come from a long day at school or things are rough at home there is always one thing I could do that keeps me happy and its watching your videos. You make me laugh and forget about all my problems in the world. Your video's are funny and could keep me entertained for hours if jot days. Felix Kjelberg, thank you for everything. Sincerely-Your biggest fan

    Grandmaster RAZRGrandmaster RAZR5 dager siden
  • Pbffft never got a beehive and managed to kill himself in a kid pool

    gates mckechniegates mckechnie5 dager siden
  • sad):

    ADRENALIIN !ADRENALIIN !5 dager siden
  • Noooooo bdthhhhbdtgth

    STAR LORDSTAR LORD5 dager siden
  • Are you going to finish Doom 3

    Nathan QuimbyNathan Quimby5 dager siden
  • exactually what im feeling i lost my best freind too

    Robert MaiaticoRobert Maiatico5 dager siden
  • 3:57 he singing happy birthday to brrrrrrrrr at his funeral hahahahhahahahahha

    Rishaan PillaiRishaan Pillai5 dager siden
  • didn't he say if bftftbfvbfvgftfbtfvbt dies the series ends?

    Dike OjuwkuDike Ojuwku6 dager siden
  • “It’s always time to frick” -Pewds

    Kendra NellKendra Nell6 dager siden
  • Pffft classic celebrity suicide.

    James EJames E6 dager siden
  • F

    NaifwasfoundNaifwasfound6 dager siden
  • RIP PFFFFFTT He will always be remembered

    Chief 3700Chief 37006 dager siden
  • Pbffft died in the pool because he drowned himself. He committed suicide because PewDiePie treated him badly off camera.

    Matteo MuendlerMatteo Muendler6 dager siden
  • i just realized i haven’t been liking bc i’ve j been going to the next 😿🤣

    BraxtonBraxton6 dager siden
  • To be fair, bees were the number one thing you'd find floating around in swimming pools

    SamSam6 dager siden
  • I think pbffffffffft wanted to be reenaimd

    Tracy CrowTracy Crow6 dager siden
  • top 10 saddest anime deaths

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan6 dager siden
  • Petition to start calling us "Bros"! Like to sign.

    ELAK KOKAKAN13ELAK KOKAKAN136 dager siden
  • I almost cried when bffffff died RIP bffffffff

    Daniel ParrDaniel Parr6 dager siden
  • Its so funny when Felix acting shock when the bbffttt died

    renzo sachiorenzo sachio7 dager siden
  • R.I.P. bffft in memory to our leader.... *cries in bffft

    Lara. mskrLara. mskr7 dager siden
  • pbffffft I miss you

  • Press F to pay respect for Pbbfffffttttttt :(

    ALPHAALPHA8 dager siden
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why beee

    Bruno DeCaroBruno DeCaro8 dager siden
  • It broke my heart when pfff died

    EnderfurzEnderfurz8 dager siden
  • R.I.P phff

    Jr JeronimoalejandrooJr Jeronimoalejandroo8 dager siden
  • No cap I almost cried

    Stats 2020Stats 20208 dager siden
  • No cap I almost died

    Stats 2020Stats 20208 dager siden
  • Eyey Eyey Eyey

    TeeksTeeks8 dager siden
  • Finally, after more than a year of playing minecraft he figured out half slabs

    SergeySergey8 dager siden

    aishath manhaaishath manha8 dager siden
  • I hate to say it but i think bffft had depression because he didn't have a bee hive and he killed himself

    SohovanJalakaSohovanJalaka8 dager siden
  • why r gathered here today, to commerarate the life of bffffft.

    Remember YNWARemember YNWA9 dager siden
  • TNT=Diamond

    callum macsmithcallum macsmith9 dager siden
  • not pbffffft! noooooooo!!!

    Emmett HunsakerEmmett Hunsaker9 dager siden
  • Wait.........HES STILL IN 2020?!! HUHHH???

    ꧁Cake Pan꧂꧁Cake Pan꧂9 dager siden
  • OMG

    GravityGravity10 dager siden
  • Pay your respects to bffft

    Gavin McPhailGavin McPhail10 dager siden
  • 3:52 PBFFFFF: having seizures is fun!

    D0Z0FD0Z0F10 dager siden
  • 0:38 *When trump sees Mexicans comin near the South*

    HeroesOfTheStorm MurkyHeroesOfTheStorm Murky10 dager siden
  • he said coronets were for cowards

    Brooke BrownBrooke Brown10 dager siden
  • why pbffffft

    Brooke BrownBrooke Brown10 dager siden
  • 7:24 that's kinda gay Felix

    A S S HA S S H10 dager siden
  • idk if anyone would get it but 17:44 hyunjin from loona

    LUNALUNA10 dager siden
  • 14:09 nah i can watch a whole stream of pewds just housekeeping

    LUNALUNA10 dager siden
  • “He was my father...”

    Samuel EnglandSamuel England11 dager siden

    Gamer Senpai カネキとヒロGamer Senpai カネキとヒロ11 dager siden
  • I’m so sorry for your lost but although I’m the further u get sevn rember him

    Vanessa OrtegaVanessa Ortega11 dager siden
  • crying in the club rn

    Chloe WarfChloe Warf11 dager siden
  • Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^

    HyperxDHyperxD11 dager siden
  • he didn't drown, bees take damage when they touch water :(

    peypey11 dager siden
  • Girls: boys dont have feelings the boys: when pfft died😔

    Jihad SalamaJihad Salama11 dager siden
    • @Jihad Salama that's why i said "bad meem go become funny"

      Just A HumanJust A Human4 dager siden
    • @Just A Human its a joke 😐💀

      Jihad SalamaJihad Salama4 dager siden
    • Never in my life has anyone said that boys don't have feelings... Bad meem go become funny

      Just A HumanJust A Human4 dager siden
  • Sad song

    Corin BarnhartCorin Barnhart11 dager siden

    Lily MartinLily Martin11 dager siden
  • Bfftt🤭😁

    Pande CocoPande Coco11 dager siden
  • Another legend gone too soon. RIP Pffffft

    Anthony MansiAnthony Mansi11 dager siden
  • R.I.P to Pfftttt

    Vijay PVijay P11 dager siden
  • His your father and his your son that's make no sence

    star legendstar legend11 dager siden
  • Rip PFFT

    WhaleWhale11 dager siden
    • It's bfffffffft not pffffffffft and pffffft is alive

      keshav guptakeshav gupta11 dager siden
  • Rip what ever his name is 🥺🥺

    Fernando PalomeraFernando Palomera12 dager siden