How High Can You Survive A Jump in Minecraft?

3. feb.. 2021
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bad idea bros
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  • Gak bisa bahasa enggres

    FADEL 2011FADEL 20115 timer siden
  • 8:01 Ullabama: Who's Ullabritta?

    Dr Akash LankaDr Akash Lanka17 timer siden
  • Sell the carrots beetroot and potato’s

    Anas AlblushiAnas Alblushi2 dager siden
  • you take less blast protection with a golden helment with that enchantment

  • 22 blocks no armor

    MonkeyCole09MonkeyCole092 dager siden
  • Love from India

    Sumit BhatiSumit Bhati2 dager siden
  • _omg he called ullabama ulla britta_

    superstarjonesbrossuperstarjonesbros2 dager siden
  • Dr. Phil always wins....

    Alexzander JensenAlexzander Jensen2 dager siden
  • pls tell me how to make a infinitw wool farm

    Robin PianviRobin Pianvi2 dager siden
  • Is helmet real?

    SAYİM AYARSAYİM AYAR3 dager siden
  • Water

    AlpacaAlpaca3 dager siden
  • I thought that was his beard for a sec..

    Ebrahim AMINEbrahim AMIN3 dager siden
  • 11:21 watch this with ur eyes closed

    Uday_Uday_3 dager siden
  • when you will turn to minecraft epic

    ANG ReyisANG Reyis3 dager siden
  • shit

    DingosplatDingosplat3 dager siden
  • wait . the beard is a filter ?

    WolfyWolfy3 dager siden
  • dovakin dovakin for the sake of skyrim if you know u know

    A PretoriusA Pretorius4 dager siden
  • I like how at this point he’s just using Snapchat filters :/

    Spufy NutZSpufy NutZ4 dager siden
  • When are you going to finish Doom 3

    Nathan QuimbyNathan Quimby5 dager siden
  • Pewds make alot of farmers villagers and trade your carrots and beetroot with them for emeralds and xp

    Abrahim SoleimanAbrahim Soleiman5 dager siden
  • Viking

    Realistic TruthRealistic Truth6 dager siden
  • I found the seed bois no joke

    Apollo_66Apollo_666 dager siden
  • The square cough preferentially examine because output ectrodactyly unfasten worth a exotic letter. unarmed, pathetic star

    Raykhe JefferRaykhe Jeffer6 dager siden
  • I just stripped mined for it too like 20 minutes ago and then watched this video and the funny thing is, I use the same black beds from my automatic wool farm.

    Tucker BonhamTucker Bonham7 dager siden
  • Netflix: are you still watching? someone’s daughter: 11:22

    HTS_BennibertHTS_Bennibert7 dager siden
  • I care pewdiepie

    Matthew RabbasMatthew Rabbas8 dager siden
  • “One day the whole church will burn” uhh

    Bro ManBro Man8 dager siden
  • He called the cat In the nether the wrong name 😱

    Kaleb KehlerKaleb Kehler8 dager siden

    IM_DevoIM_Devo8 dager siden
  • I think pewds is going thru an identity crisis...

    Ali CornAli Corn8 dager siden
  • U suck

    Drizzled DemonDrizzled Demon8 dager siden
  • ذكر عن النبي محمد عليه الصلاة و السلام أنه من حفظ عشر آيات من سورة الكهف عصم من الدجال، و في رواية : من أواخر سورة الكهف. الحديث في صحيح مسلم. و الله ولي التوفيق.

    Bader eddineBader eddine8 dager siden
  • 'I have never done this' Pewdiepie 2021

    TerenceTerence8 dager siden
  • Remember kids, don’t try this at home.

    Pau Surroca MarinPau Surroca Marin8 dager siden
  • His gameplay went from ironic to genuinely impressive since his last play through 😂👏

    Liv FulfilledLiv Fulfilled9 dager siden
  • Watching felix playing minecraft is like back in the day....watching the old man next door cutting his lawn... And every mob he came across was a rude bridge encounter.

    sarisvictoriasarisvictoria9 dager siden
  • So Pewdiepie is now Dovahkiin, and I'm fine with that

    CT-3953 CT CheckmateCT-3953 CT Checkmate9 dager siden
  • if pewds put sharpness on his axe he will be more op

    ninja legendninja legend9 dager siden
  • unbreaking mending protection thorns and some others

    ninja legendninja legend9 dager siden
  • U can see he's wearing glasses so dat mean he embarressed

    Liesl CLiesl C10 dager siden
  • Who is this dude? Wheres pewds

    JacobJacob10 dager siden
  • what did you do to your minecraft to look like that pls someone tell me

    Galactic PunchGalactic Punch10 dager siden
  • If you liked this video, I have similar videos.

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  • You can cooke potatos and eat them

    Dëmön_FöxDëmön_Föx10 dager siden
  • u need thorns 3

    Jude HillJude Hill10 dager siden
  • Pewdiepie depressed

    FendergodGamingFendergodGaming10 dager siden
  • Remind me how his shield is enchanted

    EduardoEduardo11 dager siden
  • LMAO viking

    Nicholas McLaughlinNicholas McLaughlin11 dager siden
  • If you do the Alga Parda machine it burns way more than charcoal and it is way easier.

    Joel CecenaJoel Cecena11 dager siden
  • Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^

    HyperxDHyperxD11 dager siden
  • Anyone notice this ark music

    Christian HeryetChristian Heryet11 dager siden
  • No, you’re wrong

    President JesusPresident Jesus11 dager siden
  • Love from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    ff Pro GamerZff Pro GamerZ12 dager siden
  • Love From india

    ff Pro GamerZff Pro GamerZ12 dager siden
  • For a plit second... I thought he acutally wore that helmet and beard make up

    MS AMS A12 dager siden
  • 7:00 a good reminder for me to use as my own set up

    Lorenzo vigliottiLorenzo vigliotti12 dager siden
  • you should find a dog and name it sven! :)

  • Pewds reminds me of seiya from cautious hero🤣

    Lutz zLutz z13 dager siden
  • I loved the experiment section I wanted to test that too but I couldn’t be assed

    ALAL13 dager siden
  • despacito 7,211,859,006 vistas you:3,685,477 vistas

    •ω• Changal •ω••ω• Changal •ω•13 dager siden
  • He missed one ancient debris

  • Why u don't put thorns tho

    Geeta singhGeeta singh13 dager siden
  • Dont you ever stop please

    فهدفهد13 dager siden
  • Русские забираем комменты

    m1koxm1kox13 dager siden
  • help

    Saleema SackoorSaleema Sackoor14 dager siden
  • 09:24 when I go to the nether after I die, I will sleep in beds. I'm curious. Thanks for the advice

    Sounds NiceSounds Nice14 dager siden
  • I love how minecraft video's are fun, but used to be cliché. Now that it's not cliché anymore pewds plays it, and it works

    Sounds NiceSounds Nice14 dager siden
  • Pffft is stuck help him step bro

    LEWLLEWL14 dager siden
  • I know Pewds isnt gonna see this but...just in case...Did Felix have his test world on Hard mode? because the more difficult a world is the more damage you'll take. so if pewds had his testing world on Normal mode that means that pewds will not be able to survive a 90 block fall with his armor!

    Hamster SpikerHamster Spiker14 dager siden
  • That's an epic God of War beard you have there PewDiePie

    Rey SanchezRey Sanchez14 dager siden
  • PEWDIEPIE IS MY INSPIRATION!! my mom said that if I got 10K subscribers!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! begging you GUYS please!

    RapiddoodSRapiddoodS14 dager siden
  • If this one you should ask Dream PewDiePie

    M0bile GamerM0bile Gamer14 dager siden
  • Nice

    Romeo LowRomeo Low14 dager siden
  • Ae Việt Nam đâu hêt rồi Cho xin cánh tay nào ! Happy New Year 2021 🇻🇳

    anh bốnganh bống15 dager siden
  • tell me how many blocks please, im tryna get the achievement but cant be bithered figuring it out myself

    kade be chillinkade be chillin15 dager siden
  • gucci vid

    PAPA NWNDPAPA NWND15 dager siden
  • Spoiler: you can jump from pretty high up because the video is 14 minutes

    J Dog KidJ Dog Kid15 dager siden
  • Looks like this time he has the highground.

    Juuso IhoJuuso Iho15 dager siden
  • U can survive a 4504 block fall

    RanDixRanDix15 dager siden
  • This is very controversial but what i do is, fire prot on helmet and boots, then regular prot on chest and leggs. Also i don’t play hardcore so i dont worry about creepers and im literally a shield god so im not worried about skelingtons

  • Veteran Pewds: Mythbuster Edition

    eric cookseric cooks16 dager siden
  • U should try Satisfactory

    JuriJuri16 dager siden

    BENSON YTBENSON YT16 dager siden
  • it took me so much time to realize that the beard was a filter

    ZBR 2ZBR 216 dager siden
  • 23 blocks bro

    The RunisherThe Runisher16 dager siden
  • Pewds now: destroying nether with beds Pewds in 10 years: destroying his pc again with pigs

    wegumingweguming16 dager siden
  • Hey pewds no offense but you have to take English class again. If you ever took it.

    wegumingweguming16 dager siden
  • About 31

    The PeePee PooPoo ManThe PeePee PooPoo Man16 dager siden
  • pewdiepie: "its not a filter, is it a filter? " Everyone : *no* Also pewdiepie : "see its not a filter"

    Meow BoiMeow Boi16 dager siden
  • if in normal Minecraft every animal is in hardcore because they don't respawn when they die, are animals able to respawn in hardcore????

    Jaimillo JaimeteJaimillo Jaimete16 dager siden
  • Nice 👍 👍 👍

    Ade Aulia RahmanAde Aulia Rahman16 dager siden
  • u should use tnt and place a lot of tnt in a long stripmine(in the nether) with 2-3 blocks between them, that should give the most netherite.

    Andreas Vieland MortensenAndreas Vieland Mortensen16 dager siden
  • Pls faceca m me big fan

    h6xah6xa16 dager siden
  • Nice 👍 👍 👍

    Ade Aulia RahmanAde Aulia Rahman17 dager siden
  • i come an i said 23 and i go

    KfkFodKfkFod17 dager siden
  • Ancient debris *does* disappear in lava. Be more careful next time.

    MoosificationMoosification17 dager siden
  • I guess 258 blocks😺

    tony leetony lee17 dager siden
  • 0:36 the bee are logging like my mind right now

    Darmansyah DaulayDarmansyah Daulay17 dager siden
  • Get protection pants as well for melee attacks

    Dino _Dino _17 dager siden
  • Newfound respect for Sive for editing 80 minutes down to 3 minutes.

    Lulu SkinemLulu Skinem17 dager siden